Compact belt filter type AKBF-R

- Grinding
- Drilling
- Turning
- Milling
- Honing
- Eroding
- Cooling water
- Rolling
- Drawing (wire - profiles - pipes)
- Pre-filtration before ultra-filtration
- Sludge dewatering or waste-water purification
- Cleaning degreasing and paint removal baths
- Cleaning of heated frying and baking grease in food production

In modern filter technology, the automatic Ring Compact Belt Filter, Model AKBF-R, represents a pioneering new development.

This system is successfully used to clean cooling lubricants, such as emulsions or low-viscosity machining oils in the metal-working industry.
With a considerably lower basic space requirement, the extremely compact AKBF-Rs achieves a much better filtration result with the same filtering capacity compared to conventional flat-bed belt filters - and that with a considerably smaller space requirement.

The constructive design ensures that, even when using thin filtering aids, such as filter fleece, large quantities of sludge and chips can easily be filtered and discharged. With its variable design, the shape (rectangular, oval, round) and position (right, left, top, bottom) of the infeed area on the side wall can easily be adapted to the plant circumstances. For example, with smaller filter models no lifting pumps are required. The soiled liquid then flows directly from the machine discharge into the filter.

Especially in the waste-water treatment sector, this system is often used as a pre-filter before the actual ultra-filtration or for dewatering flocculent sludge. By using certain filter fleeces, total purification of the waste water can be carried out. This eliminates the need for a chamber or frame filter press.

The advantage of the filter lies in its completely automatic, continuous mode of operation.

In contrast to ordinary bag or cartridge filters, no regeneration phase is required, and the actual filtration process is not interrupted.

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