Lamella separators type LA

- Cooling lubricant processing for the machining processes
- Grinding (in particular carbide machining)
- Precision turning
- Eroding
- Rolling
- Drawing (wire - profiles - pipes)
- Milling
- Waste-water purification/car washes
- Processing of machining liquids similar to water such as
  quenching water for hardening processes
- Processing of washing solutions and degreasing baths

The continuously stricter requirements for the cleaning quality and reduced energy consumption lead to the development of the lamella separators. This plant system utilizes the oldest filtration principle there is: sedimentation.

With lamella separators, the actual filtration surface is broken down into several small individual surfaces to achieve the largest surface in the most compact space possible.

Even during fully automatic operation of the plant, only very little energy is required, as all special filter pumps, like those required for vacuum belt filters, are eliminated. As a result, a nearly unbeatable efficiency can be achieved with a ZYKLOMAT lamella separator. Only the pump energy for transporting the liquid from and to the filter system is required.

To improve filtration or for total purification of certain process waters, a flocculent can be added under certain circumstances to enormously increase the precipitation speed, achieve a higher filtration capacity and reliably separate substances with are difficult to sediment and tend to float up.

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Lamella separator
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Lamella separator
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