Individual systems EW series/EH series

EW series / EH series
For cleaning process liquids, cooling lubricant and waste water. It is possible to separate solid particles down to 5 µm. With this plant system a high degree of cleanliness can be achieved with a minimum of technical effort in an extremely compact space. Both plant types (EW and EH) operate completely free of filtration aids. From an inexpensive basic version to the "small central plant", all intermediate stages can be realized without major effort and costs.

- Upgradeable with ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclones model Z1B
  or Z2B
- Cleaning capacities from 25 to 400 l/min
- Filtration fineness: down to 5 µm
- With and without automatic solid material discharge in
  sludge cart

- Mechanical machining (grinding, diamond sawing, polishing,
  rolling, thread rolling, honing, drawing)
  of virtually all materials (steel, glass, minerals, ceramic etc.)
- Passenger car/truck/railroad washing systems
- Solids recovery
- Wire drawing processes
- Thickening
- Fractioning (sand quarrying)

- Immersion recooling units
- Automatic magnetic filters for pre-separation of ferritic solid
  materials, stainless-steel design

- Automatic magnetic filter for separating large quantities of ferritic
- Immersion cooler for temperature stabilization of the entire
- With or without electronic controller

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EW series
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EH series
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